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 Debate on 'Skill based Education is a Gateway to Global Success'

10 Oct 2015 » debate


The main of education should be to teach us how to think,rather than what to think. to improve our minds, so as to enable us think of ourselves, rather to load our memory with the thoughts of other people

with these words from renowned poet I greet everyone a warm welcome. Today we will have contention in favour of the topic Skill based education is a gateway to global success.

People often try to overload our mind towards the need of knowledge based education but they might have forgotten that the given topic cardiolates the interest of two sub topics that are:

  • Skilled Education
  • Global Success

Few years ago in the past UK decided to experiment on its students to judge which is better Skilled based education or Knowledge based education and as a result Dual system of vocational education and training came into existence which depicts the importance of skilled education for global competition. VET is currently being implemented in countries like Austria, Switzerland, France,China.

No doubt knowledge is important but what is the use of it if you have no skills to implement it?

It would be just like holding coconut in your hand don’t know how to extract water out of it.

For a prior instantiation let’s take a very relevant example for all of us, the technocrats, the engineers. The unemployed fraction of engineers is increasing day by day and this is because we manufacture them by feeding some of the already available knowledge and don’t let them to learn and implement it of their own.

My dear friends for every single minute we are sitting on our chairs, a dozens of Tera Bytes of information is being produced in the market and out of it how much can we learn?

Hardly 0.001% and that 0.001% will never let us compete at global level or to achieve global success.

My dear friends, it is not those bookworms who create job opportunities and great enterprises, rather these are those entrepreneurs with skilled mind set.

Now, Say a scientist has a great knowledge of aerodynamics but if hr don’t know how to implement it in designing a bullet train or a missile then what is the use of that knowledge?

A knowledge based education might provide you with satisfactory job or help you grab a gold medal in theoretical exams but a skill based education will make better entrepreneurs ,better job providers, better analyser, better manager, better teacher, better scientist and all these things will definitely lead to global success.

The rest of the world has already chosen a right path and its time for us.

Parroting things and data can never make a successful employee or a job provider. The better relationships are always build with the help of a better skill set.By going with skill based education adapted we will convert budding youths into fruits which will definitely lead to global success.