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 Google Crowdsource Event at Poornima Foundation

07 Oct 2016 » google, Crowdsource, google maps

Google Crowdsource

We all live in a country with people of diverse origins, who speak different languages. We speak of connecting each and every person to the latest feed and tech. through internet. But are they really able to take full benefits of internet?

The answer is big NO. The most of the content available on internet is only in English(i.e 53.6% according to wikipedia), followed by Russian(6.4%) and then German(5.6%). The rest of language either play a small fraction in it or has no part at all. Thus, due to lack of information available in native languages, people can’t get benefitted from internet despite of it’s huge and endless powers.

In this regard, GOOGLE has taken a huge step to connect people to internet by increasing the amount of content available in other languages.

How that would be possible?

It would be basically done by translating the available content into other languages.

We already have google translate, what’s new about crowdsource app?

Well there are many features available in crowdsource app like

  • It works OFFLINE. Yes, you heard right, crowd source caches the data once connected to internet and will sync again once you connect to internet
  • If you have spare 5-10 minutes you can contribute it as a part of development of content in the languages you know.

From where can I get this app?

Well, the app is available in google play store and you can download it from there. Click here to get it

I want to know more about it :-)

Here comes the most interesting part. If you want know more insights of Google crowdsource, want to explore it and if you to be the part of huge and exciting launch of this app, then Crack your knuckles, fasten your seat belts and set your reminder for 7th and 8th of October 2016, because all Glory of this event will be at Poornima Foundation, Jaipur. So, stay tuned, stay connected to get the latest update of this event, right here.