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 Playing with birthday using Python

30 Jun 2016 » python, python3

I always wondered how to access calendar and work with dates in programming languages, Thanks to Python’s datetime module, which makes it so easy to work with it.


The following python script has following properties

  • requires python 3.x to run
  • Read birthdate and tell birth month, tell number of days till next birthday
  • Tested on Unix(MacOs and Ubuntu)
  • But should also work on windows

Try, test, run and then write your own. And I forgot something, Hello everyone :-)

#Read birthdate and display birthday month
import datetime
birthday=input("What is your birthday date['yyyy-mm-dd' format] ")
print("Birthday month is "+birthday.strftime('%B'))
#read next birthday and display number of days left till next birthday
import datetime
birthday=input("When is your next birthday ['yyyy-mm-dd' format] : ")
print("There are {0:} day(s) left till your next Birthday".format(diff.days))

Further you can use this idea to read a birthday and add it to google calendars to remind you when the birthday comes.{Well I think everyone remembers her/his birrthday :-) }